Marcella Kowalchuk Consulting Inc ~ Expert human resources advice to help you prepare to go Into the World and do great things in Business, Career and School 

Marcella Kowalchuk Consulting Inc ~ We provide expert human resources advice to enable you go Into the World
and do great things in Business, Career and School.

For business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and managers, addressing people management issues, while focussing on your clients, growth and development can be a challenge. We have the expertise and will provide solutions to your human resource dilemmas, in compliance with employment legislation, management principles and  evidence-based human resources practices. 

 We provide expert knowledge and advice in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Human Resources Planning 

  • Employment Standards Act Legislation and HR Policy             Development

  • Employee Engagement and Performance Management 

  • Pay and Benefit Leave Entitlements 

  • Workplace Accommodations (Ontario Human Rights                Code considerations)

  • Terminations and Settlements - 

  • Conflict Resolution and more
Services Include

HR on Demand We are your go to consultant to provide the answers you need to address your human resources questions on a variety of topics.

HR Projects - We are skilled at conducting workplace harassment and discrimination investigations, and provide training on an array of human resource activities including performance management, hiring, attendance management and more...

HR Audit
- We review your current human resources policies, practices and procedures to determine and make recommendations to promote compliance with employment legislation. 

HR Tool Kit - We provide you with the essential human resource policies, procedures and programs you need to build a solid framework for managing the people aspect of your business.

HR Strategy -  We collaborate with you to plan and implement strategies to address complex issues which can effect the sustainability of your business.