Marcella Kowalchuk Consulting Inc ~ Expert human resources advice to help you prepare to go Into the World and do great things in Business, Career and School 

Marcella Kowalchuk Consulting Inc ~ Expert human resources advice to help 
you prepare to go Into the World and do great things in Business, Career and School.

Marcella has over 10 years of experience in providing strategic and operational advice on all aspects of human resources to business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs from various sectors. 

In compliance with employment legislation and management principles, Marcella shares practical insights to guide your understanding of human resource matters.  Working one-on-one with individuals she offers advice on strategies to achieve their career aspirations. She is a member of the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) and holds the designation of a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) along with a Certificate in Human Resources Management. 

Her other credentials include a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, training in workplace investigations, organizational dynamics (Stanford) and management development (Harvard). Marcella’s expertise also includes conflict resolution and mediation, performance management, workplace accommodations, leadership consulting and career counselling. 

When not engaged with business leaders, Marcella conducts workshops to prepare girls and young women for their transition to different academic and social environments and on to the working world. Through this work and as a member of Girl Guides of Canada, Marcella inspires girls and young women to be resilient, confident and courageous in the pursuit of their dreams. 

"Marcella has that kind of wisdom that allows people to learn in comfort; her kind personality and unique way of thinking makes it easy for people to participate and consider opportunities for improvement.

She shared her expertise in a workshop for us with positive evaluation responses from all and she took the time to answer individual questions afterwards.  Thank you Marcella!" - Georgina Richardson Employment Specialist Jobs Caledon - Caledon Community Services

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